Shoot Like Film

It's an informal group, rather like a meetup. We have occasional Zoom meetings and a few field trips. The objective is to slow down the photographic process so that you are more conscious of the process. Taking greater care with each image. We do this by setting our  digital cameras to mimic film cameras as closely as possible. It goes something like this.

  1. Select a 'roll of film', say 36 frames of B&W ISO 200. Shoot Raw, jpeg or both.
  2. Choose a focal length and stick to it. I like to choose something like I would have owned decades ago like a 35 mm lens. Use a prime if you have one. You can also tape your focal length in place.
  3. Set your camera to full manual. Including manual focus. Turn of Image Stabilization.
  4. Turn off your review screen. You won't know what you've shot until you 'get the roll back from the lab'.
  5. At your computer decide whether you want to share straight out of camera jpegs or process as you see fit.
  6. Share 2 or 3 (maybe 4) of your best images to a Dropbox folder that I will make available as well as the SLF galleries on this website.
  7. For the full experience make 4" x 6" prints and put them in a photo album

The above list is a set of guidelines not rules, but I've found that the more of them you follow the more satisfying the experience. Anyone is welcome to suggest or organize an outing. Themes are welcome. You can also go solo and share your images. We will also experiment with specific techniques such a zone focusing.

For more information contact Byron at:

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